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A 6-Session Bible Study
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A 6-Session Bible Study
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6 Video Lessons

Join Kyle to explore how to activate the armor of God to win your spiritual battles.


Lesson Guides

Downloadable workbooks help you practically apply each lesson.



Interact with Kyle

Lesson discussions allow you to interact with Kyle and other participants.


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You Can Beat Your Battles

We all have battles. They come in the form of inner struggles and outside circumstances, sickness and symptoms, disasters and disabilities. As long as we live in this fallen world, we’ll continue to face the consequences of it.

That’s just reality.

But we don’t have to be defined nor defeated by our difficulties because the battles we face have more to do with our beliefs than our situations.

In this six-sesson study, you’ll learn how to radically shift your perspective so you can stand firmly in the victory Jesus won for you, no matter what’s happening in your life.

As you explore the unique significance of the six pieces of spiritual armor in Ephesians 6, you’ll be empowered to take hold of the Lord’s dreams for you by walking in your God-given identity.

Are you ready to stand boldly in the power and authority you were made for?

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Six Powerful Lessons

Lesson 1: Giving Up the Fight // The Belt of Truth (Preview)

Lesson 2: The Breastplate of Righteousness

Lesson 3: The Shoes of Peace

Lesson 4: The Shield of Faith

Lesson 5: The Helmet of Salvation

Lesson 6: The Sword of the Spirit

What You’ll Learn


Why identity is the first step to living a life full of strength and boldness.


How to think differently about God and yourself so you can walk with a victorious mindset in every circumstance.


How the enemy strategically attacks and the most effective tools for winning everyday battles.


The spiritual and historical significance of the Roman soldiers’ armor, and how to powerfully wield each component in your own life.

And so much more!

Kyle Winkler is an author and practical Bible teacher, equipping people to live in victory. His highly acclaimed mobile app, Shut Up, Devil!, ranks as a top Christian app for iPhone and Android. His book, Silence Satan: Shutting Down the Enemy’s Attacks, Threats, Lies and Accusations, became a #1 bestselling spiritual warfare book on Amazon. 

Kyle holds a Master of Divinity in Biblical Studies from Regent University.

Individual Study & Group Options

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30-day money-back guarantee

Use on any device

Use on any device

Closed Captions

All videos include closed captions

Individual or group options

Individual or group options

Questions about the Course?

Q: Will I receive this course in the mail?

A: No. The course is entirely digital and is accessed via a web browser from any Internet-connected mobile device or computer.

Q: Can I access the course all at once or only in pieces?

A: All sessions and content in the course are accessible immediately. 

Q: Does the course include a book?

A: No. But related books such as Kyle’s Silence Satan and Activating the Power of God’s Word may be purchased in our online store.

Q: Can the course be watched on a TV?

A: The course is designed to stream directly on a computer or mobile device. Depending upon the support of your device, you can connect an HDMI cable or use a wireless solution such as Apple’s AirPlay to view the videos on a TV. Unfortunately, we cannot provide technical support for connecting to a TV.

Q: What happens after I purchase the course?

A: After payment, you will receive an emailed order confirmation. You may immediately login with your username and password to access the course. You may proceed through the lessons at your own pace. The course does not expire and may be accessed via your username and password at any time.

Q: Can I download the course?

A: The videos are not downloadable; they all stream directly within the course player. The lesson workbooks, however, may be downloaded as a PDF and then printed.

Q: Who is the group option for?

A: The group study is perfect for small groups, families and churches. It includes a leader’s guide with best practices, potential discussion questions and group activities for each lesson. Note: group participants are not given personal logins. You must view and print the resources from the single login that you create at the time of registration.

Q: Is the course close captioned?

A: Yes. Every video includes captions that may be toggled on or off while watching.

Q: What if this course doesn’t meet my needs?

A: We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the course, we will promptly return your money with no questions asked. If it’s within 30 days of your purchase date, contact us to request a refund.

Q: What if I have a question or need support?

A: We are happy to help. For any questions or support, please contact us and we will respond within 24 business hours of your inquiry.